Tuesday, 22 December 2015

International course for introducing IAM
6-7 February 2016, Debrecen- Hungary
is held for team-leaders of non-IAM countries and all other interested persons
The seminar's lectures are held by experts of IAM.

o formation, age, categories
o Choreography, Movement, Equipment triple unit
o quotas for ECM
o structure of courses and trainings for judges at international level
o structure of courses and trainings for teachers at national level
o structure of courses of competitors
Competition categories of IAM- PPP and video analysis
Presentation of levels in practice-part 1
PPP: structure of movement levels and structure of levels of different equipment
Practice: Movement technique: correctly implemented elements of gymnastic and acrobatics in IAM
Pompon technique: levels 1-7

9.00 Presentation of levels in practice-part 2
o Baton, batonflag technique- levels 1-7

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