All of our adjudicators have got an extensive experience in the field of majorette and majorette-sport. They are competent and professional individuals who has a strong dance background, mostly as former dancers, competitors, dance teachers and/or national adjudicators.
In order to become an IAM Licenced Adjudicator, candidates need to obtain approval from their national federation before completing the required training and passing an official exam.
We are committed to constantly developing our adjudicating panel, which is why we offer a variety of professional development opportunities, including innovative workshops and contemporary resources.

Licenced international adjudicators of IAM

Rusalija Petrova, BUL
Ing. Marta Štěpánková, CzR

Lorena Kalcic CRO  2018
Tatjana Gasparic, CRO 2018
Geisztné Gogolák Éva, HU 2008
Pappné Bedei Sarolta, HU
Rontó- Tóth Irén, HU
Szurominé Balogh Adrienn

Natalija Nikitenko, Ukraine
Oleksandr Mylnikov, Ukraine

Section judges

Séverine Desmacon (Fr) TRAD 2018


Kreffly- Papellás Orsolya (HU)2018
Plamena Petrova (BUL) POM section 2018
Grace Park (RSK) 2018

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